at Sea

A sculptural bench carved from Moray elm, that was inspired by the Morayshire coast.

Sculptural seat

Scorched elm carved bench.

Tall Tail I

Purely sculptural, this piece can be free standing or wall mounted. Made from Moray ash.

Tall Tails

Free standing or wall mounted sculpture.

Tall Tail II

Free standing or wall mounted carving. Made from Moray ash

Ship Shape

A sculpted elm seat inspired by the Moray Firth.

at Sea

Detail of ‘at sea’ sculpture.

Shell-Like II

A scorched elm carved seat.

Shell-Like I

A hand carved seat, made from local elm.

'Possilpod' and 'Casting' maquettes

Design proposal- The forms are inspired by the casting process and the ornate barley twist iron railings that used to be made in the Saracen Foundry in Possilpark. Although made in Scottish elm, I thought it would be fun to create a piece that looked as if it has been cast in the foundry. There will be two ‘Castings’ made to sit either side of ‘Possilpod’.

Possilpod Maquette

Hand sculpted maquette. A tactile form designed to sit in a nhs health centre.

In motion

Charred elm panel


Carved ash wall panel, inspired by the Moray coast


Sculptural panel, inspired by the Moray coast

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