Wee Crater

Scorched Scottish elm bowl.

BIG FISH- little fish

This sculptural bowl is inspired by the migrating salmon in the River Spey and is made from Speyside ash.


What to do with a beautiful 4” plank of ash that had a great big hole in the middle.

Larch bowl

Carved bowl made from larch.

Possilpod Maquette

Hand sculpted maquette. A tactile form designed to sit in a nhs health centre.

'Possilpod' and 'Casting' maquettes

Design proposal- The forms are inspired by the casting process and the ornate barley twist iron railings that used to be made in the Saracen Foundry in Possilpark. Although made in Scottish elm, I thought it would be fun to create a piece that looked as if it has been cast in the foundry. There will be two ‘Castings’ made to sit either side of ‘Possilpod’.

Burr Elm Bowl

Turned from a beautiful elm burr.

On guard

Carved maquette - a model made for a pair of sculptural seats to sit on the top steps of a Moray castle either side of the front door.

BIG FISH- little fish

Hand carved scorched ash bowl, inspired by the migrating salmon in the River Spey.


Sculptural bowl, made from a local very slow grown wind felled oak tree.

Fish Platter

Hand carved fish shaped bowl, made from local ash.

Bird form II

Scorched Speyside ash

Curly kelp

Intricately carved ash platter

Feather II

Charred elm sculptural bowl

Ox bow

Sculpted ash bowl

Under the wing

Scorched elm


Hand carved burr elm bowl

Bird Form I

Scorched Speyside ash

Journey Home

Sculptural salmon depicting its journey. Made from an old old lintel from a salmon bothy

Under the wing

Charred Speyside elm

Feather I

Charred sculptural elm bowl

Shell-like bowl

Scorched elm


Carved ash bowl

Feather II

Sculptural elm bowl

Bird Form II

Scorched Speyside elm

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