From a loose leg on a chair to a houseful of fire or flood damaged furniture, Duke Christie can skilfully restore your valued possessions back to their former glory. With Sympathetic restoration of antique furniture from all ages, he respects the history and patina of a piece whilst breathing new life into tired furniture.

He offers a wide range of specialist services including antique and modern furniture restoration and repair, cabinet work, wood carving, woodturning, veneering and marquetry work, French polishing, and metal work. All these services and more are carried out to the highest standards, using traditional methods and materials, so you can be confident that your furniture is in safe hands.

To discuss individual requirements contact Duke for free advice and estimates.

Below is one of Duke Christie’s restoration projects.

Fire Damage 1

An example of one of Duke’s restoration projects was an intricate repair job for a famous Scottish castle where an elaborate over mantel had been severely damaged by fire. 

Fire Damage 2

Duke’s work involved carefully removing the charred oak and replacing it with new.

Fire Damage 3

In doing so, Duke had to create an exact replica to match the existing undamaged side.

Fire Damage 4

The entire piece was intricately carved by hand using traditional carving tools and techniques.

Fire Damage 5

Here you can see the new restoration work before it was coloured and polished to match the original surfaces.

Fire Damage 6

Finally the magnificent over-mantel at home in its full glory.